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  1. Visas and immigration
    I am an Offshore candidate trying for an Australian PR. While chances of 189/190 seem improbable as I can make only upto 75-80 points, I was planning to go for 491 Visa with 90points. If So I get the Visa which State or city should I target for? Also, want are the chances of getting a Software...
  2. Jobs and work
    Hello Everyone, My name is Nick, my girlfriend and I are trying to find a way to move to Australia in 2019 from New York City, United States. We are both working young professionals with bachelor degrees ages 25 and 27. We will be visiting Melbourne and Sydney from late November to early...
  3. Jobs and work
    Dear Members We have recently received immigration grant notification under Skilled - Independent (subclass 189). Please assist us to choose the best location where we have increased prospects of finding a job. Our core areas of work experience are briefed below. I, the primary applicant...
  4. Jobs and work
    Hello all! So I got my spousal visa several months ago, but now my Australian husband and I are packing up in the UK to land in Oz mid-February. When I moved to the UK, I had to sign up for a National Insurance Number. I asked my husband about an Australian version, but he didn't remember...
  5. Jobs and work
    Singtact Recruitment Centre provides best opportunities for Sales Jobs in Singapore. Contact Us: (65)63381123 Experience: Quality customer service (tranining provided) Work Place: Islandwide Salary: Basic + incentive. Negotiable
  6. Jobs and work
    Hello Farm Workers & Backpackers Do you have a bad farm work experience to share with us? Are you treated unfairly in pay and farm work related matters? We are looking for someone to share their stories with us, help us be a voice in a documentary ad to raise awareness in our farming...
  7. Jobs and work
    Hi guys. I love doing temporary work because I like testing out a company before completely jumping in. Has anyone ever done a temp job that they LOVE? Because I'm looking for temp work that pays well but also is outside of the ordinary.
  8. Jobs and work
    Friends- I have just received an invitation from NSW. Now, from what I have from my friends is that there is absolutely no use in applying for online jobs across Australia, and the only way one can fetch jobs is through referrals. Is it true? Has anybody ever succeeded in fetching a job by...
  9. Jobs and work
    Primary Location: Sydney Employment type: Schedule Full-time Printing and Graphics Industry. Main responsibilities and key activities Installation and configuration of Software Solutions Integration of software solutions into customers’ existing workflow System setup and configuration...
  10. Jobs and work
    Entry level jobs into the cannabis industry available in our dispensary.E-GREEN MEDICAL DISPENSARY Our dispensary is currently undergoing some changes in the way we run our farm and dispensary. we are in need of workers. we have the post of a Retail branch Manager,lead grower,Trimmer,a...
  11. Jobs and work
    Hey I'm planning to join university of Melbourne to pursue my masters degree in global media communication. It's a 2 year course. What are the job prospects after graduating? Is it worth spending 30 lacs? What is the median salary after graduating for that course? Thanks
  12. Visas and immigration
    I'm indian student pursuing my MBA from deakin university and i finished my 2 semesters. Its time I've to choose my electives and I'm confused about the subject I've to choose. Please someone suggest me the subject I've to choose to get an job on SOL. Thank you
  13. Jobs and work
    Hi! I'm on a PMV in Sydney. Been 6 months since i landed here and all i do every single day, is look for jobs, it has become a daily routine of mine. Gumtree, Indeed, Jora, Seek, you name it, i applied for hundreds of jobs already. Even went to shopping centres, handing out my resumes at stores...
  14. Jobs and work
    Hello everyone! I'm new here and i'm wondering if you could shed some light on finding potential employment in Australia. I will be coming in June 2016 and starting my travels in Brisbane. I have not decided whether or not Brisbane will be the place i want to work but i was hoping some people...
1-14 of 59 Results