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  1. International Travel
    Nowadays, the main difficulty facing new arrivals in Australia is completing their visa application but new heritage trail attractions tell the story of migrant settlers who survived harsh conditions to open up the land in the south west of the country. The Working Life Heritage Trail is...
  2. Travel Pictures
    witch one is best? cheers, Marcos Help in Australia
  3. Travel Pictures
    Open my blog I have many pictures of Melbourne - Great Ocean Road and Cardinia Resevoir where we can see wild Kangaroos. Cheers Marcos Help on Australia
  4. General chit-chat and news
    Hello! We´re some students from Sweden that works on a project about Australia. We would like any kind of information about your country, like enviroment issues, your enviroment in general, the school, food, What´s Australian children usually do on their sparetime? We would love some serious...
1-4 of 4 Results