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  1. Jobs and work
    Working in a restaurant is popular with newly arrivals in Australia, including students and backpackers, but more evidence is coming to light that they are being exploited. It is not just obscure restaurants where there may be fewer checks, but well known outlets in big cities where the Fair...
  2. Jobs and work
    A franchise of stores across Australia that regularly employs international students has been heavily criticised for paying below the minimum wage and exploiting workers who speak limited English. Some 7-Eleven, whose franchisees are predominantly from non-English speaking backgrounds...
  3. Visas and immigration
    Backpackers in Australia are being reminded that they have the same working rights as others after it was revealed that two Melbourne businessmen paid themselves wages of $500,000, but those on holiday visas were paid nothing. The men, Jonathan Stielow and Claudio Locaso, have been fined...
  4. Jobs and work
    Have you seen the new Australian minimum wage which came in on the 1st July 2013. "The new national minimum wage is $622.20 per week or $16.37 per hour"
  5. Jobs and work
    Australia's Minister for Employment, Julia Gillard welcomed the decision by a special Minimum Wages Panel to ease the cost of living by raising the minimum wage. The decision by the independent panel lifts the national Minimum Wage by $ 26 per week or $0.69 per hour, a jump of 1.2 percent since...
1-5 of 5 Results