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pregnant girlfriend
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  1. Visas and immigration
    I am facing a huge dilemma.. The most amazing woman and I have completely and utterly fallen in love with each other.. However.. She is currently here in Australia on a defacto partner bridging visa with another man.. Things are bad with him, real bad. But she has no tangible proof of any family...
  2. Visas and immigration
    Hi all, I have read through some posts regarding my issue but can't find the exact answer. The case may not be that complicated or exceptional but the information I've found could be just not matching exactly or outdated. Hope some of you may give me a hand here. Here's my story. I met my...
  3. Visas and immigration
    Hello everyone! I would appreciate if anyone could give me an advice. Here is the situation. - I studied in Australia for a year and met my partner there (he is from Australia, I'm from Belarus) - I left in June 2013. After that we met once for holidays. - We stayed in contact for a year. -...
  4. Visas and immigration
    I have applied for a 300 subclass visa with my Australian fiance who is in Australia and expecting our child in April 2013.The application was received Oct 15th 2012. I am still in Canada. I will be heading to Australia in Feb 2013 and will be working for my Canadian employer online until my...
  5. Visas and immigration
    Hi there, I'm an Australian Citizen and my girlfriend is a Thai National (living in Thailand) - We have had a long distance relationship since Sept 2011 and I have visited her 2 times since beginning our r'ship. She has also visited Australia on a sponsored tourist visa (676) once in July...
  6. Visas and immigration
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1-6 of 6 Results