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  1. Jobs and work
    Hi everyone, I'm basically looking for some advice/insight about my current situation. Last year I did something really stupid and got charged with destruction of property due to stress and a bad housemate dispute (not making any excuses for what I did, just providing some background info)...
  2. Visas and immigration
    Dear all I have a metallurgy and material engineer bachelor degree in my home country. Having work experience as a valuer, i would love to have master degree in valuation to know more about my profession as well as to push my luck about finding a valuation related job after my graduation. I...
  3. Visas and immigration
    Hi everyone! I'm very close to lodge my application and I've been collecting documents the last couple of months, and I believe I should have everything the ask for (going through the booklet and getting tips and advice here). But now I've got a question about when I should apply, or if I...
  4. Business and investment
    With the help of SME we can understand all legal and regulatory terms.Trade Mark Registration to protect your business name or product name. For more Legal & Regulatory Registrations services available on Join Today !
  5. Jobs and work
    Hi there, I'm really struggling to get information around organising work (or at least joining agencies) before reaching Australia. Myself and the husband are qualified secondary teachers, maths &design tech. We are also fortunate enough to be in possession of permanent visas. The husband is...
  6. Visas and immigration
    Hello, My partner (who is an Australian) and I are planning on having a destination wedding in Sri Lanka (which is where i come from originally). Would someone be kind of enough to explain what the procedure would be to legally register the marriage in Victoria, Australia? FYI, I'll be...
  7. Visas and immigration
    Hi there, first of all, its really nice to see, that people helping each other here in this forum! And good to know that there are lots of people out there in the same situation, than me and my partner :) We need some help with the Partner Visa! We would like to apply for it in Berlin, but we...
1-7 of 7 Results