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  1. Jobs and work
    Hello everyone! I'm new here and i'm wondering if you could shed some light on finding potential employment in Australia. I will be coming in June 2016 and starting my travels in Brisbane. I have not decided whether or not Brisbane will be the place i want to work but i was hoping some people...
  2. International Travel
    Australia's Sunshine Coast is set to increase its ability to attract more visitors and investment from overseas with new facilities to handle more international air activity. The region's airport will start to see the benefits of a significant investment boost later this year with the...
  3. Jobs and work
    Hello all, I'm seriously considering relocating from the U.S. to Oz to attend the University of the Sunshine Coast. Before I set my heart on Oz, I wanted to see if it was doable finance-wise. My main concern was housing options for a single student. What is a general idea of one...
  4. International Travel
    A region located in South East Queensland is the paradise locale known as the Sunshine Coast. On normal days, the population of the population of the area is a little over three hundred thousand. During the peak summer season, an additional fifty thousand tourists and seasonal workers converge...
1-4 of 4 Results