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  1. Jobs and work
    hello everyone hope you are doing great. i am writer by profession and working with Australian universities students to assist them in their research, assignment etc. so if anyone is interested please do contact with me email [email protected] whatsapp #923346515837
  2. New member introductions
    We offer best services for Assignments, Quiz, Research Papers, Thesis, Proof reading, Presentations etc in various fields of study We have a team of best academic writers which offer good grades and best work! Zero Plagiarism❌ Best Grades💯 Before Deadline Delivery🕘 Affordable and Cheap...
  3. Visas and immigration
    Hi everyone, new to this site and hoping for some feedback! I am a US citizen, currently living with my American boyfriend of 5 years. Boyfriend just was accepted into a 3 year program at University of Queensland and I am going along for the ride! We move March 3, and the program begins April...
  4. Education
    Hey, My niece is planning on doing either a Bachelor of Biomedical Science or Bachelor of Science at UQ. What I want to know is, how tough are UQ grading their applicants? Do her marks need to be way above the minimum cut-off mark stated in the undergraduate prospectus in order to be granted...
  5. International Travel
    The capital of Queensland is Brisbane and comparatively is third in size to Sydney and Melbourne. This bustling metropolis provides much of the needs for an individual and family immigrating to Australia. It is an eclectic mix of urban city center, diverse cultural heritage and rich natural...
1-5 of 5 Results