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  1. Visas and immigration
    A small city in South Australia has been chosen as the location for a new study to create a better understanding of how new migrants can be successfully settled in rural areas. Most people arriving in Australia to live and work tend to want to live in the big cities where there is plenty to do...
  2. Visas and immigration
    The latest Census data shows where expats, international students and immigrants tend to move to when they are living and working in Australia. In Sydney, international students tend to congregate along an east-west axis that incorporates Sydney's main campuses and major transport corridors...
  3. Visas and immigration
    Australia is such a large country but only a few areas where population density is quite high. There are many reasons why these highly urbanized centers are few and far between and this phenomenon has been discussed in many forums online. One of the aspects of the discussion that needs to be...
1-3 of 3 Results