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  1. 10 Seconds Trick to Fight Constipation

    Last year, my colon was on the verge of bursting after going 20 days without pooping… And I’ll never forget the total HUMILIATION I felt when the doctor had to manually remove everything… But that’s just what led me to finally find a pooping solution that’s so easy and fast… That sent...
  2. Business and investment
    Hi, I’ve been running a software company with other two partners for last 4.5 years. I own 20% of the business and the other two partners own 40% each. The sales division (manage by one partner) has been heavily underperforming for last one year and this has been dragging the business down...
  3. Business and investment
    When you start a business, what must lead the way ought to be your own interest in or love for whatever it is you need to do. Loving what you do miraculously attracts all the necessary resources, people and opportunities. You definitely don’t need money to start. Bootstrapping will stimulate...
1-3 of 4 Results