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  1. Choose a better energy retailer: compare the tariff offered by various energy retailers and choose the one offering the best deal.
  2. Go solar: A good alternative to grid power is solar power, and many small businesses throughout the world have cut down their dependence upon grid power by opting for solar power. Though the installation costs are higher, in the long-run, it gives respite to the businesses.
  3. Install LED lights: Energy-efficient LED lights equipped with add-ons like motion sensors offers greatest energy savings and longest lifespan.
  4. Run an energy audit: For this purpose, you can hire a company which helps you in auditing your energy usage. This provides you with a good perspective on all your energy needs and supply.
  5. Replace old appliances: Replace old and inefficient appliances with new ones. Check if you are eligible for incentives / rebates for the upgrades you’re planning to do.
  6. Use blinds to control direct sunlight: In the summer, blinds come handy to regulate temperature inside a workplace.
  7. Install heat pumps: Heat pumps are a low-carbon emission and energy saving alternative to traditional air-conditioners. They can also be used for air-conditioning, space heating and water heating. When used for heating purpose, heat pumps are 3 to 4 times more efficient than conventional aircons. In Australia, the annual energy cost of gas storage water heaters are 2.5 times more than high efficiency heat pump water heaters.
  8. Adjust your thermostat: Setting thermostat to 23-25 degree Celsius range is ideal for summer. Raising it by one or two notches brings more energy-savings.
  9. Apply reflective coating: By applying reflective coatings on external surfaces, small business owners can better regulate temperature inside the workplace and reduce energy usage of air-con system.
  10. Take care of your appliances: Do regular maintenance of the appliances.
Source: 10 Energy Saving Tips For Small Businesses (In Summers)
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