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Hey guys! I kinda need some help out here.

DOL - May 2017
Health check - October 2017
PCC - November 2017
Face to face interview - April 2018
Still.nothing up to date!

Its already been 14 months since the day i lodged my application and im just wondering why its taking so long.

A little bit about myself:
I am an American/Sri Lankan Citizen (currently living in Sri Lanka) i studied in Melbourne for 7 years but due to some problems with the immigration they cancelled my student visa. I was given 30 days to leave the country or apply for another visa or for an appeal, but instead by partner and I decided to apply for the defacto offshore visa.

My relationship:
My girlfriend and i have known each other for 7 years (we were best friends) and around 2016 we started dating. We've been living together for about 8 months until i had to leave the country. I left Melbourne on Jan 2017. So basically I've been stuck here since!
We submitted all proof to support our relationship i.e. our defacto registration, joint account details, house arrangements, bills, photos, text and imo messages (while we were doing long distance) and she also came to visit me and my family last month (we attached photos of the time we spent together when she came, family photos, hotel bills ect) we've given enough proof to show that we are genuinely in love but we haven't heard from them since the interview. Is this normal?

On the immi site it says that the waiting period has increased to 23 months. And im really freaking out now because when we applied the waiting period was 12 to 14 months.

Can somebody pls help me out here. Any piece of advice, opinion and information would help. Just wanna know if anyones been waiting for this long as well.
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