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186 and 190 visa question

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Hi Everyone.
I am working as a restaurant manager under 457 visa.
I have granted for 457 visa Sep/2015 and it will be expired by Sep/2019
186 visa temporary resident transition stream requirement has changed as at least 3 years worked for employer.
However I only worked for 2 year for my employer because I moved job.
previous 186 transition stream required 2years work for employer, So I wonder if previous condition would apply to me, otherwise my visa will be expired before 3years working for employer.

or I have other option that 190 skilled nominated visa that i could apply.
However I need to receive invitation from government and It might be some risk to refusal.

I have another restaurant owner offered me visa(TSS) and better condition of work, It is time to me move to next step but visa situation is complicate as for most of immigrant.

In conclusion I have 3 options with question.

1. Apply 186 Transition stream, If previous required working period apply to me.

2. Stay current employer and apply TSS visa before visa expired(9/2019) and fill 3 years working period then apply 186 visa

3. Apply 190 Visa and TSS visa in the future if necessary.

Thanks in advance for your help and opinion
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