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186 Direct Entry Processing Timelines June 2022

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Hi All, Starting this thread to have a visibility on 186 DE applications processing timelines.
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I'm a new member! I lodged my visa and nomination on 8 March 2022.
Health examination was on 11 March 2022.
Occupation: General Accountant (Financial Analyst).
Visa status: Received.

Still waiting. Hopefully they can process it faster.

Anyone with the same occupation??
one of my friend whose application was lodged on feb 23 got the grant on June 23.

seeing this trend you should get the grant by July 8.. Lets hope for the best.
Thank you! I hope so as well! I'm checking pretty much everyday :LOL:
as far as I know currently applications lodged on Mar 2022 are being processed.
Just a bit curious! How did you know about this??
My application status is still "Received". My occupation is Accountants (General), which is still on the priority list. Don't know why it takes too long.
any update on your visa ?

mine still showing received.
Nothing for me yet! Still showing received.
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hi all. I've lodged my 186 application on 16th of march, occupation is Electrician General, still waiting... is anyone recently granted?
I'm still waiting as well. Lodged since 08/03, occupation is Accountant (General), but as far as I'm concerned, Accountants and Engineers have been removed from PMSOL list, so it might take longer than usual, especially with standard sponsors like my case.
1 - 6 of 28 Posts