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Hi guys,

I am applying for a 186 Direct Entry stream probably tomorrow.

I have been holding a 457 as Graphic Designer From the 10th of February 2015 plus I have been working as Graphic Designer full time with a Working Holiday Visa and then Bridging Visa for about 8-9 months (before and while I was waiting for my 457).

I have got a Positive Skills assessment but VETASSESS only recognised me about 2 years of working experience.

I have evidence that I have more than 3 years of working experience such as payslips, contracts, reference letters and so forth plus my own 457 Visa which was granted the 10th of Feb 2015 (which I believe it is already a evidence of my 3 years of working experience).

My lawyer pointed this out - saying that I should be okay as the Immigration requires a Positive Skills Assessment and 3 years of working experience.

Now, I am a little worried regarding this. Does the Skills Assessment need to display 3 years of working experience or just Positive is enough?

Thank you in advance.
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