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I applied 187DE on Feb 21,2018 Cook Vic

I am the only one cook working here.

Yesterday I got a call from my agent saying that Home Affairs have found information for which they can refuse my Employer Nomination.

He told me he can provide a strategic plan to achieve an Employer Nomination approval, though He make no guarantees. Therefore, He have two fee structures as follows;

1) $2,500.00 payment unconditional the outcome.

2) $3,500.00 no win no fee. (Fully refunded if the Employer Nomination is not approve.

I talked to my owners today and the reason was because pub is on sale from before I applied which both me and my agent didn’t know about this.

I also cant blame my owners because I am the first whom they sponsered. And they didn’t know anything about this visa before.

My owners took off tha sale from website today and told me it takes one day to remove from it.

I’m happy that they didn’t reject directly and gave us 9 days time to submit more information.

I’m also happy to pay $3500 to my agent but I’m afraid if my nomination get rejected.

I want to know if there’s any other who are, were in this situation. Your help will be very important for me.

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