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I am looking for some help regarding the 189 visa. I qualify, or I think I do, but I am unsure of the easiest path to stating my degrees and occupation/skills.

I did my Bachelors in Electronics 4 yr course. I also did my Masters in Communication Engineering 1yr course.
I am not sure which should I submit as my qualifying course? The masters was straight after my Bachelors.

My work experience has been as an Engineer and Technical product Manager (I was subject expert in very specific technologies), but these were in the communication/Telecom space. As the line between Electronics and Communication was blurred during my employment, I'd like to know how to proceed. How do Engineering Australia validate work experience? I have research published, and I have conference agendas where I speak on the Telecom technology space.

I am just getting started. I already have the following points
Age 25points
IELTS- 10 Points
Education 15 points
Total is 50 points.
I need to make sure I nail the 5 years overseas work experience. Hence why the question.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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