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Hello their !

I am after a bit of info if anybody could help (just after a second opinion)....
i going to be applying for a 190 skilled nominated visa in the NT.
i am currently waiting for my previous employers to fill out my paper work for my skills assessment and hoping i will have all the paper work back by this week and ready to send in.
my agent said that most of the paper work for the skills assessment we will use also for the logement, so i am sure i have most of the paper work with police checks etc

The problem is my current 457 visa will expire in around two and half months,and i am wondering if its possible to get the visa lodged (so can go on a bridging visa) before my current visa is up?as i do not really want to be paying for another visa on top of my 190 if it can be helped.
and if not what would be my options to stay here if not possible to make the logement in time?
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