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Hi there,

I'd appreciate if you could read about my situation and shed some light on it, my mind is in a mess right now:

Mar 2012 - student visa expired, before expiry, applied for Visa 485 (graduate temporary) and Bridging Visa A was granted.

Oct 2012 - Visa 485 application is still going, Bridging Visa A still in effect. But at the same time, applied for Visa 189 (permanent residency) via Skill select, and Bridging Visa C was granted.

Does anyone know if both Bridging Visas are still in effect? Which one is active? Because Bridging Visa C does not let you work or travel, whereas Bridging Visa A lets you work and travel via Bridging Visa B.

I work full time in my nominated occupation on the SOL and wish to travel home to see my sick grandmother. Can I do that on Bridging Visa A seeing as my application for visa 485 is still being processed? or does Bridging Visa C overwrite it?

Thanks a lot, hopefully you'll be able to help me out with this.

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check on the VEVO system or call/email immigration

as far as I know a newer application cancels and older application, so I think BVC is active...but I am really just IMMI


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This is the information I got from net, may help you..

A bridging visa A or C is usually granted in relation to the lodgement of an onshore
substantive visa such as 485 or 885 visa. These bridging visas will allow the visa holder to
stay in Australia until a decision is made on the substantive visa application in relation to
which they were issued. Unlike a bridging visa A, a bridging visa C does not provide work
rights and it ceases if the visa holder goes overseas.
Here is a situation: Mary Jones, a bridging visa A holder (which was granted in relation to the
lodgement of her 485 visa application), lodged a 886 visa application. She was granted a
bridging visa C (in relation to her 886 visa application). She needs to continue to work.
Which of the two bridging visas which have been granted in relation to concurrent onshore
visa applications, is in effect: A or C?
1. Does her bridging visa C replace her bridging visa A ? No, her bridging visa A is still in
effect until a decision has been made on her 485 visa application. Her bridging visa C will
take effect only after her bridging visa A ceases.
2. If she needs to go overseas urgently to visit her grandparent who is very ill, can she apply
for a bridging visa B? Yes, because she is currently on bridging visa A.
3. What will be her visa upon her return to Australia? She will return on a bridging visa B
with full work rights and will remain on bridging visa B until 28 days after the decision on
her 485 visa, provided she returns to Australia before the specified date of return.
4. Can she travel overseas again and return to Australia on the same bridging visa B? Yes, if
she travels and returns before the specified date for her to return to Australia on a bridging
visa B, otherwise, she will need to apply for another bridging visa B, to travel overseas and
return to Australia at a later date.
5. What is the effect of her departure from Australia, on her bridging visa C? When she leaves
Australia, her bridging visa C will cease.
6. Does she need to have her bridging visa C reinstated? Yes, it is to her advantage to have it
reinstated so that in case her 485 visa is refused, she can remain in Australia, until 28 days
after her 886 visa is refused or until her 886 visa is granted, bearing in mind that she must be
in Australia at the time of the 886 visa grant. 7. Can she work while she is on a bridging visa C? No, not until her “no work” condition is
removed, by applying for a change of this visa condition with supporting evidence.
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