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Hi guys

I thought this might help some of you prepare for some potential interview questions during your visa process. I have compiled these questions from friends and relatives, all of which were asked by their case officers.

Possible Interview Questions

  1. What is you partners name & date of birth?
  2. Where does your partner live?
  3. Where was your partner born?
  4. Does your partner have any brothers or sisters?
  5. Does your partner work?
  6. Has your partner undertaken any studies?
  7. What is your partner doing for a living / what kind of job?
  8. Where did you meet?
  9. When did you meet?
  10. How did your relationship begin?
  11. When did u decide to become engaged?
  12. Why we decided to get married?
  13. When and where did you get married?
  14. What are your plans for when you are in Australia?
  15. Does your sponsor live with you now?
  16. What will you do for work once in Australia?
  17. Who is supporting you now? Working in Australia: If you don't find work, what will you do?
  18. How are you in contact when you are apart from each other?
  19. When you were apart for long periods, did you maintain contact? Do you have proof of this?
  20. Where did you and partner go out when together?
  21. Did your partner purchase any gifts for you?
  22. Did you move in together when you got married?
  23. What did you like about your spouse?
  24. Did you go out together before and after you were married? How many times a week?
  25. Have you met your partner's relatives?
  26. What do you know about your partner's family and relatives?
  27. Did you spend time with each other's families? If so, are there relevant photos to prove this?
  28. If the visa got rejected, will you re-apply?

:) study hard!
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