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2nd stage of partner visa assessment

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Hi all, as mentioned in the title I am wondering of the 2nd stage lodgement.
My partner is due for 2nd stage and I have prepared and done all required paper documents for it but recently found out that 2nd stage of partner visa is processed online only. And I have tried many times to apply on ImmiAccount but it always appears an error message of information provided cannot be verified even every detail is absolutely correct. The problem is my partner initially applied partner visa offshore with paper documents and I am not sure whether that could effect the online verification. I sent an ImmiAccount technical support form months ago but haven't been replied. Now I don't know what to do with this, whether to continue with the paper lodgement or something else. Last year, I found that the processing centre for 2nd stage is in Melbourne and this year I asked the immigration help line and they don't know.
Any advice will be very appreciated and thank you for your time.
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Hi Skybluebrewer, thank you for asking. My partner has been granted subclass 309 and is due for 2nd stage.
Hi Mish, thank you for asking. My partner is holding subclass 309.
Is the processing centre that you have mentioned above still exist and can you please give me the postal address of Brisbane processing centre ? The reason I am asking this because last week immigration staff told me that 2nd stage is now process online only. And online error is : the related detail provided cannot be verified.
309 is online processed in Brisbane.

If you haven't already tried it check the original visa grant letter and make sure all names and grant number match (and date of birth too).
I have tried many times and the same error still appears.
The application was initially lodged by PAPER. Does it effect to the ONLINE verification ?
Hi Mish, yeah I am using stage 2 - permanent partner visa assessment and the application was lodged on May 2016.
I had a similar situation some years ago. From memory, the processing centre had to issue me with a new TRN to be able to do stage 2 online.
Hi, did you have to contact the processing centre for a new TRN to be issued or you had to send the whole paper application to them first ?
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