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2nd Stage partner visa 801 help

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Hey guys i need some help regarding my second stage partner visa 801 i hope someone can help me
i applied for 820 using an agent they charged me arm and a leg like nearly 3000$ i got my visa in june this year and my application is due for 801 in September this year i gave em a call and they want another 2000$ for the 801 lodgement so i decided me and my wife to save the money and do it ourselves
My first question is is there gonna be any problem with my lodgement because its not lodged from same account as 820 ?
2: there is a question in the application form online asking if i have family members that reside in australia i got just a brother on student visa and ive got my parents in law they are aussies should i just mention them in this question ?
3: can i do my statement and upload it ad ms word or pdf instead of filling up the boxes
4: am i too late as my eligibility was last month .
Thanks all in advance I appreciate every help for my questions
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1) There's no problem doing it from a different account this time.
2) Sorry, what does the question specifically say? If it's asking for family members already residing in Australia, yes, you'd mention them.
3) Yes, you can write "Please see uploaded statement called [whatever you named the file]" in each of the boxes.
4) No, you're not too late. You're not too late until they contact you and ask for it and you don't provide it within the deadline they give you.
Thanks alot for your help yes this question is on page 9 with title Family In Australia
Does this applicant have family members residing in australia ?
I clicked on it and you can see parents or father/mother in law , siblings but i only have my parents in law here and a brother on temporary visa thats why i got confused if i include him or not or if i include my parents in law cause I didn?t completely underatand the question .
And about the statement is there a special place i can upload it to ?
I would mention them all. Better to mention them to be on the safe side.
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