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309/100 granted!

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Hello everybody,

Thrilled to say that our visa was granted yesterday!
Though we lodged the sponsor's application 11 months after the applicant's, our visa was granted 1.5 month after that

Thank you to all members of this fantastic forum!

Time frame: (frontloaded, offshore, no agent)

applicant's dol:27-12-17 (status received)
sponsor's dol:16-11-18
request for pcc:21-11-18 (status initial assesment)
uploaded pcc: 2-12-18 (status further assesment)
grant : 27-12-18
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Thank you Artemis, yes indeed a very nice present for the new year!

Country of origin is Greece
Hello englishkoala and Lelliott75,

Form 80 was not requested so we didn't upload anything like that.
Thank you Underthesun,
we actually did not even create the sponsor's application until November, we got confused and didn't even realize we had to. (all sponsor's documents were uploaded to the applicant's application)
Reading through the forum's posts we found out our mistake and then created the sponsor's app immediately
That is when our application's status went to initial assessment!
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