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I appreciate everyone's support and info on this forum and have read much, but am very inexperienced, so have little, to offer at the moment.
I'd appreciate some help, please.
My American husband of 2.5 years (he's 64 and I'm 55) has just applied for a 309/100 visa this week. We live together in the US since before we married (we married in the US and his job is US-based) and I'm visiting Australia atm, returning to the US next week.
I've gathered lots of evidence and have used my US residency application information as well, which was granted in 2016.
When I initially uploaded documents on the immi website, none of the drop down boxes appeared in categories everyone has been talking about i.e. Social Aspects, evidence of etc - so I grouped my pdf (powerpoint) documents together as best I could and labelled them myself: Social Aspects; Financial Aspects etc. I just assumed that the website had been updated.
Then I uploaded them one after the other.
The next time I logged in the upload page looked completely different and all these document drop down boxes everyone was talking about appeared under the heading Recommended.
Hence, I uploaded 27 documents for my husband (27 attachments received of 60 maximum) and 5 for me as the sponsor, which the site acknowledges, but none of them are in the Recommended section.
In our uploaded documents we have covered every aspect that they ask for, including stat decs, Form 80, sponsor form, ID, photos, our history and much more.
Does it matter that we uploaded our documents not using the Recommended section?
The 27 documents uploaded on my husband's side are comprehensive Powerpoint pdfs with a lot of detail (I hope).
Thanks :)
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