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I applied for a Partner visa 309/100 offshore last week on 25 July and frontloaded all the documents. After submitting the application, it went from received to initial assessment in a couple of minutes and I received the required actions for Biometrics & Health assessment that have been done. I have applied from France which is considered a low-risk country (read on various sources).

After the biometrics update, my application is showing "Further Assessment". I am sure of the processing times, however, I could not find the visa granted for the partner visa application lodged in France. I don't even know if the CO has been assigned to this case.

Could anyone update how much time did it take for those who lodged their partner visa from France?

Thanks in advance for your response.
Most partner visas from France are the onshore 820s. These have averaged about 6 months.

There were only 48 subclass 309s, on hand for France at 31 Dec 2021, compared to 442 Subclass 820 on hand applications.

Maybe not enough grants for them to prove timeline statistics for the 309.
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