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Hi I am new to this forum,

1.I have applied for a visa for my first wife Nov 2011 and it got granted Jan 2012(while i was in Temp visa 485). however she refused to come to Australia. and never landed in Australia. I have my first marriage nullified in India (court order in 2016 provided to Immigration)
. after that I have married another girl in 2017.( 5 year wait time done)
Now, I am a Australian citizen and I have applied 309 for my partner. Application date 30 June 2017. i had a case officer requested police clearance (for sponsor)on late September and i have submitted both Indian and Australian police clearance on mid-October. there is no news after that from case officer. i understand that processing time is 11 -15 months. however does anyone have knowledge on visa approval after nullification of marriage.

2. now my Wife is in visit visa with me in Australia. Also, she had a refusal on visa 600 family sponsored visit visa saying her intention of travel mentioned as "to live with my husband " so they denied it. so she reapplied for visa 600 as tourist and got it. j

Just wondering if the refusal of visa 600 family sponsored has any impact on 309 visa?

Thanks in advance everyone .
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