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Hi everyone,
I'm new to the forum. I'm an Australian currently living in Japan with my Japanese wife and we will soon be applying for a 309 partner visa online via myimmi.
I had some last minute questions so any help would be greatly appreciated.

1) In the Partner Migration Booklet it says that both the applicant and sponsor have to write up relationship statements and that:

"The statements written by you and your partner can be on ordinary writing paper or a statutory
declaration form may be used. Each statement or statutory declaration must be signed and dated by the
author. For details on who can witness statutory declarations see pages 29–30."

However I noticed that the information they ask for in these statements is the same as that which must be provided in the text boxes on page 17 of the applicant's online 47sp form. Does this

a) mean that these statements are included as part of the online 47sp form or do we we still have to write up, get witnessed and upload both of our own statements?

and b) if they are part of this form should they be my wife's (applicant's) version on the 47sp form? I believe I saw something on one of these forums that indicated that the online sponsor 40sp form becomes unlocked after payment and that the same text boxes appear on that form. Therefore I imagine if this is the case I would upload my version into those text boxes.

2) From anyone who has applied from Japan before do you know what to do with the Japanese police certificate? It seems most things can be scanned but we can't open the envelope without invalidating it so does that mean we have to send it in via snail mail?

Anyway sorry for the long winded questions, again any help would be appreciated!
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