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Yes, there is nothing stopping you from applying again. As others have suggested, make sure you include evidence that you have an incentive to return to India once the visitor visa expires. I would also highlight in the visitor visa application that you have in fact complied with the last visitor visa and left on time (which shows that you are the kind of person who doesn't overstay their visas!)

If you do get another visitor visa, just remember you need to be outside Australia if and when your partner visa is granted. You should notify your partner visa case officer that you are in Australia and request that they liaise with you to make sure you leave Australia to enable the grant.

Kind regards

Lisa Ira (LLB.BA.GDLP)
Principal Migration Consultant (MARN 1467616)
Proxy Migration

e: [email protected]

Disclaimer: This message is general in nature does not constitute migration or legal advice and should not be relied upon. To provide you with migration advice, we need to consult with you to obtain your full information and circumstances. If you wish to receive migration advice please email us to arrange an appointment.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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