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Good Morning!
I hope you are all keeping many of you would be comfortable starting a WhatsApp group to effectively share information regarding the situation we all find ourselves in?

Kindly implore your Aussie Family and friends to sign the petition below.
Good morning.
Kindly let us pull ourselves together and support this petition. Only Australian nationals or PRs can participate. So let us all let our partners and friends in Aussie to get on board and support this cause. Si that we can all be together with our lived ones soon instead of indefinitely

Secondly I support creating a WhatsApp group as it will be faster and we can communicate regularly.

I am also calling upon members who got granted to throw in some weight in the cause: @ Rock747, @Wanjeri, @Troas19, @Doogie83, @Ajuxra, @Irone @Rebeka. You all know how hard the wait was kindly support the petition.

The rest of us in waiting can we join hands and walk this journey as a team.
If you want to walk fast, walk alone
If you want to walk far, walk with someone.

Let's walk far
261 - 262 of 262 Posts