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Hi, I am hoping someone may have some expierence of my current visa situation and may be able to help me out with some information.

I am currently on a 457 (from the UK) which started in May 2016, but due to the changes back in April my job fell on to the short term visa list, which meant I was no longer eligible for PR through my job. We applied for the partner visa in May 2017 (been together since Feb 2015, living together officially since Aug 2015 with shared finances). I was granted a BVA but I understand this doesn't kick in till my sponsorship ends which is May 2020.

My issue is, I am very unhappy in my job and have to work really hard not to walk out most days. It is getting to the point that it is affecting me in a negative way and I feel so stuck because of this visa situation.

My migration agent advised me to stay in my job until the partner visa is granted, but knowing that the wait times are being pushed out up to 24 months (crazy) I just don't know if that is possible.

My question is, if I cancel my 457 & BVA, and apply for a BVE which has no work or travel rights, what are my chances of being able to apply for work rights, and how long would the process take? Trying to assess my options whilst remaining as realistic as I can....

Thanks in advance for any advice I can get :)

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