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457 Subsequent Entrant (IED & Processing Time)

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Hello to everyone..

Is there any "Initial Entry Date" on 457 subsequent entrant visa ? 3 months, 6 months , 12 or unlimited ? Please if someone can share this information who has been granted for their partners or family members

Also, "457 subsequent entrants" visa processing time is same as of primary applicant? As of day they need to wait 7 months to 10 months ?
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@Gannicus: Smgawt123 reply is true, many people are facing with the waiting (including me, 7months :( ).
You can see other long threads in this forum about 457.
They may ask you to do Heath check, Police check and upload additional documents so it is better to supply all you can at first time.
Yes .. certainly i provided all the documentation , even my police check is going to expire.. its valid only for 3 months here. I mean this is insane having police certificate every 3 months (its does not come for free) !

Any idea how much IDE is given on the visa ? Means when visa is granted how much time we have to enter australia ? This is really disturbing me :mad:
I dont see any first entering requirement with the granted Visa (other people). But with this long long long waiting, I will fly there as soon as I can :)
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