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457 Subsequent Entrant (IED & Processing Time)

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Hello to everyone..

Is there any "Initial Entry Date" on 457 subsequent entrant visa ? 3 months, 6 months , 12 or unlimited ? Please if someone can share this information who has been granted for their partners or family members

Also, "457 subsequent entrants" visa processing time is same as of primary applicant? As of day they need to wait 7 months to 10 months ?
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No1 there to help or give any information on thi :(:(:confused::confused:
From my personal experience and what I have read on the forum, they are all processed at different times, some in a month, some a bit longer. I am now going onto 9 months. Just depends on how lucky you are I guess.
Thats really a long wait ! was your application complete in the first instance ? i mean did they ask you any additional info ? and was it subsequent entrant ?

I am still hoping someone can help me for the initial entry date on the visa :(
@Gannicus: Smgawt123 reply is true, many people are facing with the waiting (including me, 7months :( ).
You can see other long threads in this forum about 457.
They may ask you to do Heath check, Police check and upload additional documents so it is better to supply all you can at first time.
Yes .. certainly i provided all the documentation , even my police check is going to expire.. its valid only for 3 months here. I mean this is insane having police certificate every 3 months (its does not come for free) !

Any idea how much IDE is given on the visa ? Means when visa is granted how much time we have to enter australia ? This is really disturbing me :mad:
Hi Gannicus,
My partner and I had our 457 visa granted 2 years ago and it took only 2/3 months. However we went through an agent and I heard that sometimes it's faster or maybe it's because it ensures that you provide all required documentation.
Back then the IDE was 1 year, I'm not sure if it's still the case, but it won't make sense to have an IDE less than that.
Hi ... Thank you for your comments. This IDE is really confusing , some say there is no date written , some says 3 months 6 months ... There is nothing confirm about anything. I dont know what to do my decisions all have gone absurd.
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