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Hi everyone

We just had a 457 visa application approved in 5 business days, so I thought I'd share some info for others who need a 457 visa urgently.

After lodgment you can email [email protected] to request priority processing, using the keywords 'Priority processing request' in the subject. The current 'guidelines' for priority processing are:

• Claims of large-scale contracts/projects with imminent deadlines - evidence must be provided

• Applications from sponsors/positions in a remote location

• Nominations where the nominee is already a subclass 457 visa holder (i.e. change of employer nominations) - These applications are auto-allocated after 2 calendar days from lodgement

Our client's business case did not expressly fall within the above dotpoints, however the Department still considered that it fell within their 'guidelines'. We also front-loaded the application by providing police checks.

Kind regards

Lisa Ira (LLB.BA.GDLP)
Principal Migration Consultant (MARN 1467616)
Proxy Migration

e: [email protected]

Disclaimer: This message is general in nature does not constitute migration or legal advice and should not be relied upon. To provide you with migration advice, we need to consult with you to obtain your full information and circumstances. If you wish to receive migration advice please email us to arrange an appointment.
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