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461 visa applied in australia dec 2017 **updates**

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i applied within Australia in Queensland, they received my application dec 13, 2017 at the sydney office, just wondering if anyone else applied within Australia around the same time and if they have any updates yet!

if i hear anything ill update!

be happy to awsner any questions on what we did for our application process as well! message or leave a reply!

good luck erryone!
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Anyone have any updates, whether they be successful or unsuccessful? Approaching my one year wait so eager to hear of any updates from people.
yeah, they never give any reasons or info - i just check the processing times every day, hoping they update it to a shorter time frame.
I applied on 20 June 2017 in Sydney.
I've heard so many rumours that they're not looking at any applications until the new financial year!
I'll let you know if they contact me, so you will be ready because you only applied 1 month later than me.
ahhh that would be amazing, thanks so much :)
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