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461 visa applied in australia dec 2017 **updates**

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i applied within Australia in Queensland, they received my application dec 13, 2017 at the sydney office, just wondering if anyone else applied within Australia around the same time and if they have any updates yet!

if i hear anything ill update!

be happy to awsner any questions on what we did for our application process as well! message or leave a reply!

good luck erryone!
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Hi, I’m a Japanese citizen and am living in QLD. I have applied my renewal 461 in middle of July.
I know my prosessing time is 12-15 months but most of people didn’t hear anything from the officer, that is so shocked.
My current 461 visa is expired in 11/10/18.
I have my bridging visa A already so I can stay with that visa after my current visa had expired.
I applied as a single applicant this time, I broken up my kiwi ex boyfriend 4 years ago.

I hope someone lodged your 461 earlier than me can hear good news from immigration office.
And I would like to share my news to this forum if it is helpful to someone who is same situation as me.
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