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Hi Everyone

The current student visa (subclass: 500) that I'm holding expires on 30th Sep 2018. However, I completed my studies in Dec 2017, one semester ahead of the expected timeline. In Jan 2018, I officially lodged an application for temporary graduate visa 485 to stay back in Australia.

While I was still waiting for my 485 visa to be granted, I received a job offer in Feb 2018 from an Australian firm to work full time in Port-Moresby, PNG. I accepted the job offer and applied for Bridging Visa B to travel overseas despite knowing that BVB will not come in effect as my student visa is still valid till Sep 2018. I'm currently in Port-Moresby and the BVBends in early-May.

My work allows me to travel back to Australia, but it can't be more than one week each time.

Knowing that my visa 485 can only be granted to me when I'm onshore,

(1) May I know how am I able to liaise with the immigration to grant my visa when I'm on shore for that one week when I'm back in Australia? Is there any email address etc that I can contact them? (I haven't been assigned a case officer yet but I've got all the required documents submitted including healthcheck.)

(2) When should I return to Australia for the visa purpose before my BVB expries in May 2018 or before my student visa expires in Sep 2018?

Thank you & appreciate your advice. :)
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