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Hi All,

I have a tricky question and I hope to have some ideas here!

My partner and I were holding Student Visa initially. I lodged my 485 application in March as the primary applicant and added my partner as my dependent. While we both received our Bridging Visa A, my partner's student visa is still active until this August.

My partner is still studying - but she will not complete her studies by August due to the deferral last year because of COVID. She is expected to complete it by May 2023. I understand that once her current student visa expires, she can still study (and live) legally because the Bridging Visa A she received as the result of my 485 application will kick in to be active.

My question is: does she require to extend her student visa this August before it expires? The reason I ask is that:
1. If my 485 application is (hopefully not) refused, she will have no visa to stay at that point because she does not extend her student visa - am I thinking correct and what can she do in that situation?
2. If she extends her visa, what happens after she lodges her new student visa application given she has had a Bridging Visa A (from my 485 application) waiting to be active? A follow-up question would be that once her new student visa is granted, then the 485 is also granted, does it revoke her student visa? A final question would be that in the future (let's say sometimes within 6 months after she completes her studies in May 2023), even if she wants to apply for another 485 as the primary applicant, she would not be eligible since her student visa has been revoked because of the 485 grant as my dependent (let's say around October to November) - assuming that my previous question is correct, because she does not hold a student visa in the past 6 months prior to her studies completion?

I know there are a lot of questions here, but I am just trying to get some ideas before actioning something! Thank you in advance for any responses!
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