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Hey guys need help as I am on a budget I am using forums and not a lot of Migration agents
My 485 visa got refused after being on bridging for just over a year
I had filed for a 485 post study work visa in august 2021
I got an email to get a medical done in may
I had called the Bupa centre and they gave me a date of 15th of Aug 2022 and I uploaded the booking confirmation on my immigration account
However I was not in the best of health so I couldn’t attend my booking on 15th of august 2022 and got a fresh new booking for 20th of September 2022
Now the mistake I made
I accidentally uploaded my previous booking confirmation again on my immigration account which was on 15th of august and the officer in charge believed I was not going for a medical and on that basis my visa was refused on 2nd of September 2022 (Dumb mistake of uploading a wrong document).

It said my only option is to go for AAT review
I applied for the review and was suggested to go for my medical on 20th of september
However, when I went for the medical they said my HAP ID has been expired and can not do my medical
Not sure what’s happening at the moment as I found a person with a similar case
However he was able to get his medical done
If anyone can help, would be a big help
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