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489 to 887 (PR)

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Hello members,

I am seeking your advice regarding the transition from 489 work visa to Permanent Resident visa 887.

I am currently living in SA on 489 (started on Sept 2016) and have started working full time since Sept 2017. I have the following questions that I need your advice.

First of all, it is a requirement that I work full time for 12 months.
Do those 12 months have to be continuous? (e.g. sept 2017 until Sept 2018)

How do I prove that I worked full time? (I was told that I will have to attach payslips for each week, but the thing is one of my two work places pay me every fortnight therefore the hours shown are not for every week).

I was also told that I will have to attach Tax returns which will show my annual income. Is there a specific annual income threshold that needs to be met in order to be considered that I have worked full time (e.g. if my annual income is $50,000 or more).

In addition to those questions, are there any and if so how much is the fees for the 887 visa?

How long does the processing take?

I am an Enrolled Nurse that completed nursing studies in Adelaide.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read and respond to my post!
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At least 35 hours per week.

I don't know what your annual income has to do with it...

75% of applications are processed within 6 months. 90% are processed within 8 months.

$375 + any other requirements I.e. Second instalment.
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