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Dear Sir

I am from Pakistan.

I got visa 489 Family sponsored (My brother is in Designated area) in April 2018

I already completed my first entry in Aug 2018 and stayed in Canberra for 40 days (10 Aug to 15 September 2018)

at that time due to my some family issues i had to come back to Pakistan. And i planned that i will stay 2 consective years out of my 4 year visa time.

As you know its 4 year visa and to get PR visa 887 i need to fulfill the condition to live,work and stay in designated area for 2 years.

I was planning to fly back around end of March but after 20 march 2020 travel ban imposed.

In this situation if travel ban condition remains and it may be longer depend on situation and i can not enter in Australia and that means i can not complete the 2 years condition

So department of Home affairs Australia will give any relaxtion

I am much worried about this situation so plz help it out.

Highly Thankful

Kind Regards
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