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I'm currently trying to obtain a 3-month travel visa (class 600) to Australia, however i have had 2 applications refused due not comply "clause 600.212 in Schedule 2 of the Migration Regulations (is not satisfied)".

In my first visa i have indicated my personnal financial balances, on which were considered too low to support evidence of genuine visit.

After the first refusal, i've done a new application indicating a family sponsor, attaching my mother's saving account with over BRL 9,5K (~3,5K AUD), her credit card balance on last 3 months. I was very specific on the use of the saving account for me on my travel, as well as provided affidavit of support and documents to prove our relation.

The refusal came with the message:

"The applicant was refused a visa on 26 April 2018.
I have taken into consideration the applicant's financial situation as assessed in their previous application. I do not believe that the applicant's financial circumstances would have significantly changed since this last refusal.
I acknowledge that the applicant has offer of financial support from their parent. However, offers of support or guarantees given by friends or family members are not of themselves sufficient evidence of a genuine visit.
Therefore, after considering the likely costs of a temporary stay in Australia and the information provided, I am not satisfied that the applicant would have sufficient funds to contemplate long haul international travel to Australia, or adequate means to support themselves while in Australia."

My question is if whereas proof of means to support myself is only recomended, or condition to self sustein expenses without support from others is required.

Additionaly, the refusal justification does not inform if the amount the savings balance from my mother is enought or not - would appreciate if someone could say a level of income to be considered "confortable" to be informed. I have other people of my family that could provide support with bigger cash balance, altrough i have choosen my mother as she's the closest relative to me.

Thanks for your time. Any help i can get is appreciated.
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