Is it time to return home?

Many think that moving to a new country promises a new and better life for themselves. Sadly, not all who immigrate to another country shares that thought at the outset but after some time, they crave for home cooking and decide to return to their country of origin. This has been the content of many websites and online forums, with a veritable cornucopia of opinions, information and commentaries. So if you are in the midst of deciding whether or not to move overseas, it is best that you do your research so you will be fully apprised of what you would be facing once you step off the plane in your new country of residence.

How long do you give your new life?

Time is relative to many and determining the appropriate amount of time is very much a personal question to be answered. One of the experiences shared online was narrated by a family which relocated to Australia and then decided to return to the United Kingdom after seven months. Many comments have been made on this decision, as seven months to many, seems to be such a short period to acclimatize to the Australian way of life.

Determining how much time is enough to reach a decision to return is a very difficult process for each individual undergoes different experiences while they stay in Australia. What is important to note that in this case, the reason for immigrating to Australia is for the family and there were clear reservations for the move in the first place. The good news about this is that the family seems to accept the fact that family unity is important above all else.

Friends and family

The common dilemma of expats can be summarized in the adage "one never knows what one has until it is lost". Many individual expats have gone through the experience of being homesick and missing their families back home. One cause for such loneliness is their inability to mix with the local culture and community in Australia.

Truth be told, your old friends will remain as such and family will always be family. When you move to Australia, you would need to open yourself up to the new country of residence. You must be willing to go out of your way to acclimatize yourself to your new surroundings and be able to socialize. This will help ease the stress and pressure of starting a new life in a new country, a new job in new surroundings and eking out a living in a new country. This can only be much more difficult if you are unable to integrate into your community for support and friendship.

Culture differences

The two main differences that need to be overcome by expats is the language as well as the culture of the new country of destination. These are the main areas that often cause people stress leading them to decide to return to their country of origin. One of the pitfalls of expats is that life in Australia is very much the same as their country of origin. In reality, Australia is very different from your home country as the economy is different and the way of life is poles apart from your old home. The climate, economy and social structure is very different in Australia. The sunshine is one of the attractions but the heat and the animal life can prove to add to the stress of trying to set up a new life in Australia making them decide to return home if they are unable to cope with the consequences of their decision.

Another aspect of the difficulties in moving to Australia is the matter of language and dialects of the area you move to in Australia. Clear examples would be Australians finding it difficult to understand the Irish accent or Scottish dialect. You need to be a lot more patient with learning the language or dialect, as this can be one of the major humps you need to overcome in your decision to immigrate to another country.

Is the grass always greener on the other side?

Many immigrants delude themselves with the thought that the country of their destination would provide them a better life than what they have in the old country. They also fall into the trap that the problems in their home country would dissipate and the new country would offer them a fresh new start for their lives. This is an achievable dream but you need to be adequately prepared and cautious of what lies ahead for you in the new country. All your efforts would just go to waste if you only would only experience the same financial difficulties and problems you have had before. What's the point in taking the plunge if your standard of life would be the same or even more difficult than before?

When you move overseas, you need to be down to earth and realistic about your situation. You need not feel ashamed or embarrassed if you do decide on returning to your home country as at the very least you had the courage to try it in the first place unlike others who choose not to leave their comfort zones.


It takes great courage to decide on moving to another country such as Australia to start a new life. It takes a great deal more courage to admit that your decision is not working out and wanting out of your new country of destination. Some though do not have that luxury, as the reason they have left their homeland may still exist thus making the option of return certain suicide. If this is the case, then moving within the country may be the next best option until they find a locale that is best suited for their needs and purposes.

Moving to another country may be the fulfillment of a dream but without adequate preparation and foresight, things can quickly turn for the worse. Always remember that you have an option to go back to your home country and pick up where you left off. It is better to go back to your old life rather than live your new life in unhappiness and difficulty.