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Hi all,

My partner and I are eagerly awaiting the request to submit information for the 801 half of the defacto partner visa.

However, we have some concerns about a current decision we are facing now and are wondering how it might impact our visa evidence.

For over 2 years my partner and I have shared an apartment, with just the two of us on the lease. However, we are currently looking to move and would like something nicer. We are, however, financially constrained and are interested in the possibility of sharing a house with a friend and adding them to the lease. But we are worried about how it might look having three people on the lease. I know a lot of the department's language talks about setting up a life to the exclusion of all others, but I don't think you can stretch this to sharing a house?

Does anyone have an opinion or experience on this issue? Do we think that the department would take issue with a defacto couple sharing a house with a third person for financial reasons?

Thanks very much.
Best wishes to all.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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