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Hi everyone,

My PR was granted yesterday as the same day when same sex marriage equality went through. I wanted to thank everyone here who has helped me, I couldn't find the posts I used as an important reference when I was preparing my visa, the lady from UK and special thanks to Collagegirl. You answers to other people always calm me down. Anyway the wait is over, I am willing to share my experience to everyone and if you have questions I will try to answer them if possible. I love this forum, it is such a great community, it has accompanied me so many sleepless night while I was struggling with my visa. Thank you again.

Visa timeline

10/2014 820 application lodgement
09/2015 TR granted
10/2016 801 application lodgement
11/2017 801 granted

Here are key words of me:
Chinese, De fecto, same sex couple, paper application

Our 820 document checking list:

Form 47SP
Form 80
Applicant's statement on ordinary writing paper
Applicant's Proof of Identification (Passport) and Two Passport Photos
Applicant's Birth Certificate
Applicant's China Police Check
Applicant's Australian Federal Police Check
Applicant's University Degree
Applicant's IELTS result

Form 40SP
Sponsor's statement on ordinary writing paper
Sponsor's Proof of Identification and Two Passport Photos
Sponsor's Birth Certificate
Sponsor's China Police Check
Sponsor's Australian Federal Police Check

8 x Statutory Declarations Form 888(include social activities)

NSW Registered Relationship Certificate
Sponsor's Employment letter
Sponsor's Business Documents
Joint Ownership of Real Estate
Joint Ownership of Car
2x Joint Bank Account Statements
China Bank Statement with transfer record translation
Joint Rental Agreement for apartment in 2014
Joint Lease Agreement for 2014
Utility bill under Applicant and Applicant parents’ name
Receipts showing furniture and appliance bought for current address
Official letters to our shared address
Travel itineraries for trips taken (Boarding pass, Ticket Stubs, Hotel Confirmations and photos)
Evidence of Social Activities (Concert Ticket stubs, Social events, Joint participation in sporting, cultural and social activities)
Personal Correspondence (Emails, Phone record, Messages, Secret Twitter post, Wechat history, Postcards during the period of separation)
Presents to each other
30 photos together, with friends, on trips, at formal events etc

PS When we applied 801, we simply just followed what we have done before.


When we prepared the Visa, we checked it again and again to make sure everything is clear. If we felt it might confused the officer, we wrote a statuary declaration to explain it.

We created a table of content to make documents easier for officer to find. We put everything in order following by dates and we highlighted some documents using different colours to make it easier for officer to read. Think about making everything easier for the officers as they have millions of documents to go through.

Because we need Nati professionals to translate some of our offical documents. we found someone online and get them done under market price. For chat history in Chinese we just translated by ourselves.

Open a joint bank account with your partner if you want to apply this visa.

Last, as long as your relationship is true and authentic, the officer will grant the visa.

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Awwww, thank you so much, lubi! I'm so glad my answers were helpful. :) Congrats on the PR! May you have a long and happy life in Aus. :)
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We have got granted 820 (stage 1), now waiting for eligibility for 801 (stage 2) for same sex partnership.
Wish us luck too! :D
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