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820/801 process times staying in Australia

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Hi everyone,

I just read that the 820 temprorary partner visa has a process time of up to 30 months. During that time, is my husband who I married on a PMV (not yet expired) allowed to stay in the country with me?

I’ve heard about a bridging visa, is that a seperate application?

Our PMV is due to expire on September 4th. We are applying and paying this Thursday,
August 2nd. Have we given it enough time or have we left it too late?

Any help greatly appreciated,

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That should be plenty of time.

Once the 820/801 application is paid for and submitted, he'll get a bridging visa A automatically so yes, he'll be able to stay in Australia with you.

Be sure to read the entire BVA grant letter for important information on visa conditions for things like travel.

The BVA won't go into effect until the 300 ends while he is still onshore.
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