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Hi Everyone,

I would like to share my experience here since this forum helps me a lot during my hard time that I know I was not alone.

I posted a thread last year in regards to my terrible situation that my ex partner canceled my sponsorship during I was pregnant. I was on Visa 820 at that time.

820/801 Visa application date: 06 March 2013 at Sydney Office
820 Granted date: 14 May 2013
My ex partner notify immigration of our relationship breakdown on 29 April 14
Letter of Inviting to comment received by email on 06 June 14 ( 28 days to respond)
IMMI Refusal notification:01 Aug 2014 (21 days to submit for appealing the case via MRT/AAT)

I did get a migration agent to reply a letter to immigration that I believed myself is eligible to be granted PR since we have a child under 18. But apparently at that stage IMMI did not see my pregnancy as a convincing evidence.
But I have 1 friend who have similar situation like me. Her husband withdrew the sponsorship before 820 was granted while pregnancy. IMMI was almost going to reject her visa but she has a good agent who made a call to IMMI to explain her situation and get the case officer wait until the baby out for making the decision. So after giving birth, she was granted PR(801) directly without getting 820.
Back to my topic, after submiting to MRT last year, It's a long wait until this year AUG.

Invite for hearing letter received on 27 Jul 2015
Hearing scheduled on 17 AUG 2015

I spent a lot of time on hunting a good migration agent and I even thinking to go to a extremely pricy but famous one. Unfortunately as he did not hold a positive thoughts of my case at this stage(AAT) and he said my case would need to go to Minister intervention, I decided to choose one is less pricy but holding positive thought's agent ( The one my friend used as mentioned above).

The agent attended the hearing with me. But he was not allowed to talk on my behalf only when the Member required so. Therefore he was just sitting there and making note. The hearing was about 45 mins. This was relatively short. Basically it was all focus on my love story and how it went to breakdown. The Member said he wanted to know whether we were in a genuine relationship when we had this baby.

After 2 days wait, I heard back from AAT that the Member remitted my case to IMMI on 19 Aug 2015.

In the early September, I received the case officer's call that I was requested to provide my police check. I posted it to Melbourne by express post. 2 days later, the Case officer rang me to say that I did not include my English name check therefore I was requested to redo the police check. After I submitted the second police check, my PR was granted on 30th of Sep, which is only 1 week wait.

It can be concluded that it took 1 year and 1 month wait from AAT to be granted PR. It is very important to get a good agent to evaluate your case also second opinion is also important. I tried 3 lawyers and 2 of them saying I will need to apply for Minister intervention. I was very struggling because I did not know which one I should believe. I chose the one whom giving more faiths and more confident in my case.

God bless everyone. Hope all of you can find the way out like me. It is never easy but please dont loose your faith.

Also, work harder to prepare money for all the costs.

Feel free to contact me if you need more information. I really understand how hard it is when stucking in the black hole.

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That's a good news.. Congrats
I understand how you went through these rejection as I am going through same.
Could you kindly please share the agent name , address, website please it will be really great.

Many thanks
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