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I need some help (surprisingly enough) with my request for more information. I have been asked for my Australian Federal Police Check, but I have already uploaded it. It is a colour scanned copy of the original. It includes my maiden name from my previous marriage. I dont understand why they have requested it again. It is dated Aug 2017 so its still within the 12 month expiry. I can't think of any other reason except that it be certified? The request detail gives the generic instructions.

Do I just upload it again? Just incase that file didn't work?
I only have 3 documents left in my allowance of uploading, as I have uploaded 57!

I am unsure on how to contact them!

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Just out of curiosity, how did you upload it before? Did you do it on its own or combined with another document(s) and was the file clearly labeled "applicant _AFPcheck" or similar?

Are you certain they're asking for the applicant's and not the sponsor's?

Did you get the correct AFP check according to the immigration website instructions?

Sometimes things get missed and maybe it did. 57 is a lot of upload space to have used.

Why don't you copy and paste the exact wording of the request for the AFP (bar anyone's personal information).
Hey! Yes I uploaded it on its own. With Myname_AustraliaFederalPoliceCheck.pdf and another from the UK. It doesn't need translating because they are asking for the australian one and I'm from the UK anyways. I presume it's mine. My partner has uploaded his. I will get him to check his is uploaded in colour. Yes I did upload a lot but I'm new to this and yea.. anyways.oh and it's dated august 2017. I did it early so I would receive it in time. But it's still in date. It says....

This checklist is for *my name*

See the attached "Request Detail", which provides a detailed explanation relating to the
checklist item(s) listed below.
Australian Federal Police (AFP) clearance National Police Check
The information provided below explains the requirements relating to the checklist item(s)

Request Detail
Character requirements - Australian Federal Police (AFP) National Police Check
In order to be granted a visa to enter or remain in Australia you must meet the character
requirement. If you are 16 years old or above and have lived in Australia for a total of 12
months or more in the last 10 years (these 12 months are calculated cumulatively and need
not have been consecutive) you need to obtain a 'Complete Disclosure' AFP National Police
Certificate by completing a National Police Check Application Form. A colour copy of the
AFP certificate must be provided to us.
When entering your name on the National Police Check Application Form, ensure your legal
name is entered as shown on your current passport. You must also include any previous
names you have been known by, any aliases and/or anglicised names. List all names in
the National Police Check Application Form, matching the order and format of the name in
your passport. If the name on the police clearance certificate received by us is different from
your passport or does not list any aliases you have been known by, you will be requested to
obtain another police certificate. You should use code 33 'Immigration/Citizenship - for supply
to the Department of Home Affairs' for the purpose of the check.
For details of the fee payable see
Send your completed form to the AFP at the address on the form. If you do not have access
to the internet you can request for a form to be posted or faxed to you by calling the AFP
helpdesk on +61 2 6140 6502.
If you are unable to obtain a 'Complete Disclosure' AFP National Police Certificate, it is in
your best interest to demonstrate to us, with documentary evidence where possible, that you
have made a genuine attempt to obtain this certificate.
If we are satisfied that you are unable to obtain a 'Complete Disclosure' AFP National Police
Certificate and have made a genuine attempt to do so then a waiver of this requirement may
be granted.
If you do not provide a 'Complete Disclosure' AFP National Police Certificate and I am
satisfied that it is reasonable for you to provide this certificate, your application may be
Providing documents
Do not send us original documents unless we ask you for them. If you send copies of your
documents, ensure that they are certified copies.
If you provide us with fraudulent documents or claims, this may result in processing delays
and possibly your application being refused.
Translating your documents
Any document in a language other than English must be accompanied by a certified English
● a translator in Australia must be accredited by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters.
● a translator outside Australia does not need to be accredited, but they must endorse
the translation with their full name, address, telephone number, and details of their
qualifications and experience in the language being translated.
You must provide a scan of the original and the translation.
Certified copies
For the purposes of this application any one of the following persons can certify in writing that
a document is a true copy of the original document.
In Australia:
● a Justice of the Peace; or
● a Commissioner for Declarations
● a person before whom a statutory declaration may be made under the Statutory
Declarations Act 1959 (for example a nurse, legal practitioner, medical practitioner,
pharmacist or dentist)
● a registered migration agent (whose registration is not suspended or subject to a
Outside Australia:
● a person who is the equivalent of a Justice of the Peace or Commissioner for
Declarations in that place (for example a public notary)
● a registered migration agent (whose registration is not suspended or subject to a caution.)

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I have double checked but I will go over it with a fine tooth comb. I don't have any middle names. Just my previous married name which I have included my divorce papers etc and informed them of. It shouldn't be complicated! At least that's all they have requested (so far haha). Where do I put the note????
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