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820 bridging visa

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Hi guys, we're almost ready to submit our application for the 820 visa.
I'm wondering how long, once submitted before we hear anything and receive a bridging visa.

Many thanks in advance

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So is it an email kind of response with an attachment?
And that is sufficient to show a prospective employer as having work rights?

Many thanks
Thanks Skyblue, thats great news.
Another month of no work and then it will be all systems go for my partner.
She can't wait to start working again.

Many thanks to you all for your help

Just a quick one guys.

My partner first got her holiday visa in August of last year. She has used it for two holidays so far. Each time allowing her 3 months if she chose to stay for that long.
Does that mean she can't work until august this year or can she work when her 3 month stint is up?

Thanks again

Sweet, thats what i'd imagined it would be.

Many thanks again Skyblue :)
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