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Hi everyone.

I have read quite a bit in this forum and posted a few times!
We are now ready to lodge our application, only missing one form 888 that is on it's way and then we can send it off.

Are we missing any evidence - This is what we have so far:

All personal ID's sponsor and applicant
Form 888 - We will have 3
Relationship registration NSW
Statement from my parents overseas who have met my aussie partner
Joint lease for more than 1 year
Joint gas and electricity bills, not from the whole year
Joint bank account
Proof of use with bank statements since nov17
Super beneficiary showing my partner
20 pictures or so together and with friends and family
Whatsapp screenshots from time apart. My 3 months farmwork in WA - plus my visit to family over Christmas.
Letter from partner while at the farm.
Letters sent to me to the adress
Letters sent to both of us to address
Christmas cards from parents to us
Christmas letter from property agent to us
Joint travel tickets and hotel bills
Bills from IKEA shopping for home
Goget joint membership copy
Goget bookings from trips we have done
Tickets from social events
Birthday cards to each other
2x emergency contact showing partner
Criminal records from both countries and Australia
Applicant CV
Applicant payslips showing same address
Tax return showing my aussie partner - he has not lodged yet though

We do not own bigger things together and the rent goes from my partners account because we sometimes have not have enough in our joint account - Plus we have a flatmate as well. This is my only concern.. But I have added bank transfers showing me paying rent to him and explained in statement :)

Feel like I have done A LOT of work, but appreciate any advice!
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