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Hey Guys,

As my partner and I quickly move towards lodging our application for 820, I thought I would put out there what evidence we have collected and to see if anyone can add anything else we may need.

History of relationship
- Sponsor and Applicant Statement confirming when we met, how relationship developed, important milestone dates etc

Financial evidence of your relationship:
- Joint bank account for everyday transactions
- Joint Savings account with all savings ($10k+)
- Additional cardholder for credit card
- Transfers between bank accounts
- Large transactions for benefit of both sponsor & applicant (Plane ticket & holiday purchases)
- Transactions for events we attended together
- Transactions for Christmas, Birthday and Valentines gifts
- Transactions where one has paid the cost for shared activities (dinner, movies, ordering in, nights out etc)
- Joint car insurance
- Joint contents insurance
- Sponsor authorized on applicants utility bills

The nature of the household:
- Written statement from sponsor and applicant on division of housework
- Lease agreement with both names
- Multiple pieces of correspondence addressed to us both at the same address
- Correspondence addressed individually to each of us at the address

Social context of the relationship:
- Facebook Screenshots of check in's over 18 month period
- Screenshot of mutual friends on facebook
- Relationship screenshot from facebook
- Photos with friends and family
- Tickets to events, dinners, movies and shows
- Joint travel x 2 (Booking confirmations and tickets)
- Joint participation in community parades
- 3 x Stat decs from friends (non-Australian Citizens)
- 3 x Form 888
- Proof the applicant is the emergency contact for sponsor's work (old and new job)

The nature of your commitment to each other
- Sponsor and applicant both beneficiaries to each others superannuation
- Applicant has taken out life insurance and sponsor beneficiary
- Relationship registration certificate
- Evidence of 50,000 messages over 12 months (Sending extract showing amount of messages and detailing important ones by screenshotting)
- Applicant and sponsor's wills
- Sponsor and applicant statement with knowledge of each others circumstances and future plans (mortgage, future travel which is known to friends and family)

- Applicant Birth certificate
- Sponsor birth certificate
- Sponsor and applicant passport photos
- Applicant police check from home country
- Applicant and sponsor police check from Australia
- Copies of sponsor and applicant passport
- Applicant health check

I would really like some input to whether or not people think this is enough evidence! Categories of Nature of Household & commitment seem to be really hard to gather evidence for.

Hoping I am nearing having enough to proceed with the application!! :)

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The list is really good I only have 2 suggestions. Do you have any joint bills at all? If not the authorised for bills could go under the nature of the household section.

With the movie tickets are you both members of cinebuzz (or similar)? If so you can do a screen shot of both of your accounts showing that you are both going to the same movies.

Oh, my other thought us for the credit card where the other one is an additional card holder you can provide those credit card statements too from the date that they became authorised.

Overall, your evidence looks very thorough.

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Awesome....Thanks Mish, that's reassuring.

We aren't members, but either one or the other would pay for the ticket via my online movie account. I'm sure I can pull up tax invoices which would show the credit card details of who paid and then I can write something to back up that we went together etc.

We do have bills!! I think I forgot to put internet which is in joint names. That's really the only other bill. I think I will put the internet under financial and move the authorization on utilities to the nature of household to bulk it out a little more.

Thanks again for your reply!!

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Your evidence looks great! Do you have any joint assets - even a tv/washing machine/camera or laptop etc that you've purchased and have been able to put both your names on? Good luck with submitting everything :)

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I am so book marking this page, come time when I have to do mine. Great list to refer to. thank you for that :)
good luck with your application!
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