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820: Financial aspects vs Nature of Household - Shared finance

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Hello everyone!

I read the partner migration booklet and both section (ie. Financial aspects and Nature of the Household) required evidences for shared financial responsibilities. It seems that some evidence will overlap.

I intend to use our joint bank statement to prove that we have been sharing household bills and expenses under the ‘financial aspects’ category. However, it is also suitable to prove under “the nature of the household” category where one of the requirement is to have joint responsibilities for bills and day-to-day living expenses.

Can anyone kindly explain or recommend the best way to differentiate the evidence in proving shared financial responsibilities between these two categories ?

Many thanks!:)
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What we did it have the joint bank statements under fiancial and then the joint bills under household. From memory we just had AGL, Telstra and Foxtel in joint names.
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Most recommend at least 4 months after marriage as it gives time to get some joint bills etc.

You can include more evidence as you go along but they do not need to take it into consideration.

If you are coming on a tourist visa then there is no difference for work rights if you apply as soon as you arrive vs near the end of the tourist visa, so I would apply near the end to give you more time to gather the evidence.

You can include all expenses. We just included all of our joint bank account statements that had all of our daily expenses and income.
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